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Christmas greetings for a good cause

The past few years have shown that we can deliver Christmas greetings without paper and still bring joy - even more than with the printed form.

Printing a Christmas card consumes both financial and ecological resources; we are firmly convinced that we can put this effort to better use elsewhere and create real added value for everyone - people and nature. For the fourth year in a row, we have decided to forego printed Christmas cards and instead use the funds to support local social projects at each of our sites.

We wish you all a joyful holiday season, where you can enjoy time together with your loved ones, and would be delighted if we could inspire you too to "donate instead of print". In this spirit: Merry Christmas!


Our heart projects this year are:


Children's choir in Bubsheim

The elementary school and the singing club Harmonie at the headquarters in Bubsheim have jointly set the goal to bring the school choir back to life. Grades 1-4 in particular could benefit from this choir, as singing promotes development through language formation and learning the notes. Another plus point is that the children's choir expands the range of activities offered in the all-day care program. This enriches the children's free time enormously, and school events can be accompanied musically and concerts can be given. With our donation, we would like to support the start of the project and the life of the club.



Wall bars for Hania

Hania is just under four years old and was born with microcephaly. In 2020, she was also diagnosed with the incurable genetic defect pachygyria, after which she suffered a series of epileptic seizures. Due to her illnesses, Hania is still unable to speak or walk - but her parents and doctors continue to believe in her. They are working tirelessly to ensure that Hania receives multidisciplinary medical care. In addition to various medical care, this includes a large number of different devices for Hania's therapies. That is why we are donating a wall bar that is urgently needed for her therapy.



Taicang Special Education School

We donate stationery such as erasers, pencils and notebooks to the educational institution for children and young people with mental disabilities. Taicang Special Education School was founded in 2009 and has been providing free education and rehabilitation services ever since. It currently has around 150 students in its nine classes.



The Grace Foundation & The Hope Center Toccoa

The Hope Center is an organization that accepts donations of various everyday necessities to be given to those in need, many of which are without a home. We support the Grace foundation with a monetary donation while our employees collect clothing, hygiene items and more for the Hope Center.

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