Ideas turn into large-scale production

Each detail is geared toward you:

From concept to implementation – worldwide with a single partner.

The family business Anton Häring KG has decades of metal machining experience and offers real added value in each process step – independent of the market and with very short times to bring products to mass production. Thanks to mirrored production and the ability to develop products internationally in close cooperation with customers, you get uniform quality worldwide.

    Simultaneous engineering saves time and money

    We achieve speed and flexibility through simultaneous engineering, by assisting you through all (sample) phases and saving you valuable time:

    • Brainstorming
    • Specification & Design
    • Prototype development
    • Production planning
    • Production
    Added value through an all-around approach

    Project planning & Development

    Häring advocates for process chains that are completely thought out and rely on prototype production under real life conditions.

    Technologies & Machines

    Häring has mastered different production processes and has state-of-the-art machinery that we will set up and retrofit optimally for you.

    Production, Automation & Testing

    Häring adapts each process step to zour requirements, works with automation and can automatically proof each part completely.


    Häring uses big data, virtual reality and the linking of its 4 locations to achieve production-related process optimization. This allows your effective large-scale production to become a competitive advantage.

    Pioneering spirit

    Häring is dealing with the mobility of the future. Innovative strength is one of the most important strengths of our team and gives you an edge.

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    Comprehensive advantages

    Project management

    • Project manager as central point of contact
    • Global customer support
    • Cooperative consultation even prior to the initial prototype and long after the first shipment

    Prototype construction

    • Simulation of global large-scale production
    • Pre-series production process simulation
    • International NC production

    In-house tool grinding shop

    • External machining tools
    • Rotation-symmetric profile tools
    • Software for the calculation of profile grinding discs
    • 3D tool measurement
    • Laser scans for part inspection (tolerances of less than 0.001 mm)
    • Laser labeling

    In-house equipment production

    • Maintenance and repair of all production machines
    • Design, production and assembly of all testing equipment as well as special tools, clamping devices, grinding pads, feeding and unloading devices and much more.
    • PLC programming
    • Robot technology and robot connection
    • Additional electronics department
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    Knowledge supplements trust

    Tests under real-life conditions

    Each Häring expert provides optimal production processes – from the selection of raw materials and the production of prototypes to the supply of completed mass-produced products. With tests in real-life conditions, the clamping devices and tools are examined thoroughly. Each step of the process is illustrated. This allows potential problems to be identified and fixed early on through the interplay of different parameters. This greatly reduces the time from prototype to the start of series production.

    Supplementing the process development, Häring's Design and Automation department develops special feeding and automation equipment to ensure an optimal production environment – custom, autonomous and therefore independent form the market.

    Tailor-made processes

    Turning from a rod on multi-spindle machines


    Complete machining on rotary transfer machines


    Complete machining on turning/milling centers


    High-precision machining

    Internal grinding
    Plunge grinding (single/multiple)
    Feed-through grinding
    Double-face grinding
    Hard and precision turning

    Component assembly with integrated test stations

    Laser welding
    Joining processes
    Data matrix code labeling

    Cleanroom production

    Automated part inspection

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