4 strengths for outstanding large-scale production


Depth of production

Häring relies on an in-house production share of around 97%.

In order to allow you to achieve large-scale production in a way that is efficient, fast and flexible, we plan all production steps down to the smallest detail. In our in-house tool shop, we produce all of the special tools required – in most cases we develop and customize the means of production as well.

We work exclusively with state-of-the-art technologies to allow you to benefit from equally modern processes and solutions. For example, the testing technology for leak tests is integrated directly into the highly automated assembly process.


Quality assurance

Häring stands for a zero-error philosophy

For Häring, quality does not just begin when production starts. Instead, it begins with the development of new materials, complicated geometric shapes and planning the high-precision machining of parts. This way you can be sure that we can keep our promises with regard to quality without making any compromises.

As production continues, we also guarantee that we will stay within minimal tolerance ranges thanks to absolute cleanliness and machining in special cleanrooms. In addition, precision parts and assemblies are automatically tested following each production step, cleaned and, prior to packaging, checked under a microscope one last time – all to reliably achieve a zero-error rate.


Fully automated 100% inspection

In particular for safety-related parts, we offer a fully automated 100% inspection with integrated sorting and packaging technology – please ask us about it: Contact


Tool shop

Häring guarantees high quality and speed

Our customers and their requirements are unique – that is why we at Häring rely on our own tool design and an in-house, production-accompanying tool shop. This allows us to make custom tools that are perfect for your unique large-scale production.

Since 1978 (when we opened our in-house tool grinding shop), we have developed a specialist know-how that has grown throughout the decades – and it will directly benefit your series production. In combination with modern Häring production technologies, this process excellency is peerless and guarantees quality, reliability and the quickest response times.

Häring is also autonomous when it comes to the means of production. As a result, it can quickly implement new production systems independently from the market and adapt them to part-specific cases.


Batch traceability

Häring always provides you with an overview

To give you an edge, Häring relies on a production depth of more than 97% and is therefore independent of third-party providers. Thanks to the additional use of digitized processes and traceability tools, we are able to allow you to retrace each batch with the utmost precision:

  • using information for a complete supply chain.
  • 100% parts labeling if needed
  • through the use of data clouds
  • and much more

 This allows you to completely measure quality and to trace it back all the way to the raw materials used. We would be happy to talk to you about these benefits: Contact