Innovative strength for custom processes

With a pioneering spirit always at the cutting edge ...

The ability to use existing technologies in a new way is a core competency of Häring. Thanks to our broad know-how and the high degree of in-house production, we are able to take advantage of different perspectives and can find new solutions. That is why our customers do not only value our quality production but, in particular, also Häring's innovative strength with regard to processes.


And you will benefit from:

  • Expertise independent of the product
  • Constant know-how expansion
  • Goal-oriented process innovation
  • Flexible process modification
  • Continuous process optimization
Our way of thinking gives you an edge ...

Thinking differently.

"A company that, like Häring, works very well as a team of specialists from different fields, will find new solutions that others will never think of – by having an open mind and being able to think outside the box."



  • More efficient machine utilization through unique production strategies
  • Use of alternative resources (e.g. CHP)

Think big.

"Excellence is good – but there is always room for improvement and it's always possible to optimize additional details of the processes for large-scale production. Because details make all the difference."



  • Soft/hard machining using rotary transfer machines
  • Dual production using rotary transfer machines and feed multi-spindles
  • Internationalization and customer-oriented expansion of production areas

Think anew.

"Constant change makes us excited about the future because it allows us to always use new processes, further develop technologies and to achieve goals that seemed out of reach in the past."



  • Adaptation and further development of standard technologies
  • Digital transformation of production technologies
  • Use of big data
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Standard and everything beyond ...

Häring has mastered all standard processes as well as all of the processes important to the global automotive industry. You can order your mass-scale production from us but you can also inquire about alternative processes or allow us to recommend and develop these. We will always be guided by what you need and flexibly adapt our production to your requirements.


What are your production requirements?

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