More than
4,000 advantages ...

You have the know-how and the creativity needed to develop future-oriented high-tech products – we have the same abilities to ensure the optimal production of these products in premium quality. With its approximately 4,000 experienced employees, Häring, a global player who remains true to its Swabian roots, is very well positioned structurally – trend: strong international growth.

Your advantages: You can achieve your large-scale production goals more quickly, flexibly, efficiently and securely. But that's not all ...


The family business by your side

  • Häring offers you cross-generational partnership, long-term success orientation and independence that provides you with planning security.
  • Häring gives you an edge thanks to short decision paths that do not hold you back as you seek to achieve your goals.
  • Häring employees completely identify with their projects and the team spirit of our family business.
  • Häring actively demonstrates the strength of a service provider with personal points of contact that will support you and your projects for years.
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The quality expert by your side

  • Benefit from our "Made in Germany" quality – no matter where you are.
  • Tell us about your most complex requirements – and we will set up each process step accordingly.
  • Rely on verifiable quality awareness, quality management on the basis of the corresponding  certificates that will confirm the strengths of Häring.
  • Work with a reliable partner for whom process excellence is the basis for success.
  • Be demanding and benefit from the fact that Häring never stands still and instead always looks to develop further.
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The pacesetter by your side

  • We support you in bringing new products to market quickly with simultaneous engineering and state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 processes.
  • We have set up our process chains and high-tech machinery with versatility in mind and constantly adapt them to meet new requirements – for additional flexibility in your large-scale production.
  • We use digitization, virtual reality, big data, artificial intelligence and many other modern tools to optimize your processes.
  • We develop special robot technologies for added productivity.
  • We quadruple your planning security – with mirrored production at our locations in Germany, Poland, China and the USA.
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The perfectionist by your side

  • The precision parts of vehicles keep getting smaller while the strains on the material keep increasing – Häring adapts its production accordingly and offers precision of up to 0.6 µ.
  • The demands on precision and surface quality increase – Häring achieves the mandated targets with increased quality and precise testing technology.
  • The geometric shapes of parts keep getting more complex and it becomes more difficult to machine materials – Härting modifies existing production technologies and develops new ones.
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The provider of advantages by your side

  • Häring helps you define assembly parameters.
  • Häring assists you in achieving real cost reductions.
  • Häring facilitates the production processes for everybody involved.
  • Häring provides you lasting security by integrating measuring technology into the production processes.
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