Gruppenfoto von jungen asiatischen Personen

Welcome ceremony: The starting signal for a new training project

At our Chinese site in Taicang, we welcome 8 junior employees to their 3rd year of apprenticeship - about 1,700 km away from home.

After many conversations and planning, the time has finally come: We are starting a new project in China - or rather, cooperation with the vocational school in the city of Rongxian, which is about 1,700 km away from our site in Taicang.

On October 11, we had the pleasure of welcoming 8 young apprentices to our company with a big welcome ceremony. The special thing: The junior employees are only spending their third and thus last year of apprenticeship at Häring Taicang, alternating between the company and the Taicang vocational school, and have traveled around 1,700 km for this special apprenticeship year. This is because they all come from the city of Rongxian in Guangxi province in southern China. This is also where they completed their first two years of apprenticeship at the local vocational school - purely on a school basis, because the dual training system as practiced by the Häring Group is not common practice in China. Thanks to our new cooperation with the Rongxian vocational school, we can now offer them a third year of apprenticeship in which they can gain practical experience. To help them get started, a teacher from the Rongxian vocational school accompanies them for the first month.

Miriam Häring, Managing Director of Anton Häring KG, has been committed to providing the best possible training for young junior staff for years and is looking forward to the future with anticipation: "We have already received several awards for our commitment in Taicang, and the Häring Academy even has the status of a school there - but with this new training project we are setting a milestone that other companies could follow and thus strengthen the dual training system in China. We are therefore already very excited about the feedback from the young trainees and naturally hope for the long-term success of this new collaboration."

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