Supplier Day at PHINIA reveals future direction

PHINIA, the leading supplier of premium fuel systems, electrical systems and aftermarket products, held a Supplier Day in Shanghai on November 28, which we attended.

With over 100 years of manufacturing expertise and a strong brand portfolio, PHINIA has set a goal of making combustion engines as clean and efficient as possible. At the same time, the company is investing heavily in future technologies that unlock the potential of alternative fuels, including H2 engines. A shared vision that has ensured a successful partnership with Anton Häring KG for 15 years.

The Supplier Day began with a comprehensive insight into the company and the collaboration in the coming year. The clear positioning for the coming year was particularly exciting during the 3-hour event. Peter Zisterer, authorized signatory and Head of Sales / Business Development at Anton Häring KG, summarized: "Phinia continues to focus fully on combustion technology for the GDI in the passenger car sector, as well as for diesel engines in the truck sector, through to the development of hydrogen injectors and injectors for biofuels and alternative fuels."

A clear direction that will continue to ensure a stable partnership in the coming year.

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