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Started a german- chinese exchange

Li Zhang is the first housemistress of the company kindergarden in Taicang doing an Internship time in Germany

An exchange across national borders creates a cultural understanding and valuable experiences. That such a possibility should also be given to people, who take care of the youngest human beings- we were now able to pave the way for this. Li Zhang is an educator in the “Sino-German Freundschaftskindergarten", - our Häring company kindergarten in Taicang - and is currently visiting the Zinzendorf School in Königsfeld. The cooperation with the vocational schools for social pedagogy and social welfare of the Zinzendorf schools in Königsfeld is thus officially entering the practical phase.

Li Zhang lives for several weeks in the boarding school of the Zinzendorf schools and gets to know the technical schools for social pedagogy in Königsfeld. The focus of her visit, however, is on practice, therefore she also visits the Johannes children day care center in Villingen for two and a half weeks. Everything very close to the action, because Li Zhang can sniff around everywhere and also participate in team meetings. Language barriers are overcome with gestures - no problem at all for the children: “our children deal with adults as well as they do with children of the same age, whose language they do not understand“,  explains Tanja Zepf, the head of the children day care center.

Preparations are already in full swing for the first exchange of a German educator to China. Already in September, the first prospective youth and home educator of the vocational school for social work will complete half of her year of recognition in our company kindergarten in Taicang.

More information at www.schwarzwaelder-bote.de


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