Geschäftsleitung Miriam und Irma Häring verabschieden sich von Inge Kille und lächeln in die Kamera

Inge Kille retires after 49 years at Häring

Progress, growth, unique: three words for a career - a very special career that rarely happens, because Inge Kille worked at Häring from the first day of her apprenticeship to the last before her retirement.

Progress played a special role throughout this time, because when she began her apprenticeship as an industrial clerk with us on August 13, 1973, the world looked very different. A lot has changed in the past 49 years: Starting with the technical equipment in the workplace to the global growth of the technology company. Inge Kille still remembers the telex: "In the beginning, there were no e-mails. Instead, we used a teletype machine with punched tape for fast text transmission. When I think about how big the writing instrument was and how quickly and easily you can send an e-mail today, you really realize how the world has changed as a result of technological progress. This is just one of many anecdotes that show the significant, large part of Häring's company history and change that Mrs. Kille has personally witnessed and shaped.

Her responsibilities have also changed again and again over the 49 years, which has made her time at Häring very diverse. In the beginning, Mrs. Kille worked in the human resources department. After the birth of her children, her responsibilities changed, and she was assigned to various departments and provided support wherever she was needed. She then spent the last 20 years working in the accounting department, which for her were the best years at Häring. Even though many things have changed over the years, one thing has always remained the same for Mrs. Kille: the enjoyment of her work. But what keeps someone with the same company for so long? When we asked Mrs. Kille what made her time with us so special, we quickly hear that togetherness plays a special role for her. "Not only did I always have very nice colleagues, what was also special for me was that despite the constant growth between me and the Häring family, it always remained personal," says Mrs. Kille. It is therefore not surprising that Christmas parties, company celebrations and events such as the Team Hockete were always very special, unique events for her, which she still remembers fondly today. After all these years, all the signs are now pointing to retirement. Above all, Mrs. Kille wants to enjoy time together with her family, especially her grandchild. True to the motto "do what I want, when I want", she would now also like to devote more time to hiking, biking and taking vacations. "On behalf of the entire Häring staff, we sincerely wish Mrs. Kille all the best for her retirement and look forward to continuing to welcome her and her husband to our company restaurant. It's not often that you see someone stay with the same company for such a long time - for us as an employer, that's a great compliment that we appreciate. We are very grateful to her for this unforgettable time, her commitment and, above all, her loyalty," Miriam Häring concluded at the farewell ceremony.

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