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Informative, entertaining, rousing: Dr.-Ing. Martin Herrenknecht inspired at the 38th Innovation Forum

With a wealth of experience and exciting anecdotes, the founder of Herrenknecht AG offered reflections on the technological and economic future.

In the ANTONIS company restaurant of Anton Häring KG on the evening of October 21, the audience not only listened with rapt attention, but also laughed heartily again and again at Dr. Martin Herrenknecht’s rhetoric. The fact that he sometimes criticized developments and presented economic challenges with the call to remain vigilant and that he emphasized the importance of cooperation in Europe and with Russia made the evening both entertaining and informative.

Flown in especially from Toronto, the eloquent speaker and multiple award-winning entrepreneur provided exciting insights into global economic interrelationships and the impact on the German industrial world, which is strong in medium-sized companies.

"A real highlight among the many great guests we have already had the pleasure of welcoming at the Innovation Forum," said a delighted Robert Pemsel, Chairman of INTER-ETS and Managing Director of Anton Häring KG. "This was a successful evening in every respect, which makes you want more and once again shows that the Innovation Forum lecture series has a lot to offer and is a well-known, appreciated event."

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älterer Mann mit Brille und Anzug auf Bühne an Mikrofon Hintergrund blaue Leinwand mit weißer Schrift "Ziel: Nicht ideologisch betrachten, sondern technologieoffen mit neuen Ideen und Ansätzen (aus der Wirtschaft)"
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