Häring Site in China Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary

Accompanying the Chinese New Year, Haering Precision Taicang is celebrating its anniversary by looking back on milestones and forward to a strong future.

It all started in 2004: and a lot has happened at Haering Precision Taicang since then. As early as 2005, the first Chinese trainees were in Bubsheim, at Häring's headquarters, to get to know the company's philosophy, business and processes. Construction in China began in 2006 and the start of trial operations in 2009 - Häring was able to record sales of over 100 million RMB in Taicang as early as 2011 and broke ground on the first extension in 2014.

In 2014, the site received its first of many awards to follow with the Excellence Award - having since received the UAES Supplier Award several times for technical innovation and the further development of automation.

Häring's educational initiatives and social commitment have also received multiple awards. This is not limited to training and further education, but also includes the bilingual Sino-German Friendship Kindergarten, which is available to the children of the company's own employees and the children of other companies.

In 2020, the Anton Häring Academy was honored as the "Excellent Company Academy of Suzhou District" and has been one of its first company academies ever since.


The success story continues ...

Häring specializes worldwide in the production of precision parts according to customer specifications, particularly for the automotive sector in large and medium series. The range covers various technologies, including injection, sensor, transmission, brake, camshaft and steering technologies. The company is also represented in the e-mobility and hybrid sectors. The product range is extensive and continues to grow with a focus on new key topics. The technology company is always at the forefront when it comes to implementing innovative products for new drive systems. For example, the company is able to manufacture almost all components for hydrogen systems.

The company's worldwide presence in Europe, Asia and the Americas enables it to respond flexibly to the requirements of the global automotive markets. Anton Häring KG's Chinese site now has around 900 employees who produce for the Asian market.

The company also maintains global partnerships in the field of education with cooperating vocational schools in Germany and China. Here, too, the close cooperation across the Group pays off.

With exceptional innovative strength, high quality, a clear focus on customer satisfaction, a global presence and, last but not least, extensive social commitment, Haering Precision Taicang is ideally equipped for the challenges ahead. In particular, the technology company is ideally positioned for China's booming e-mobility market.

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