Done with school – now what?

Anton Häring KG hit the road twice in one month on behalf of potential young employees and was represented at "Jobs for Future" and the "GVD Open House Day of Action."

Anybody seeking to start a career with the successful Bubsheim-based manufacturer of precision turned parts can get firsthand information and exciting insights.

First there was the three-day "Jobs for Future" event in VS-Schwenningen at which we were represented for the first time this year. Several hundred interested visitors stopped by our booth. That was not surprising since, in addition to technological highlights like the Icaros flight simulator, we also offered them a fun selfie game and delicious home-made waffles. With information on all jobs requiring training, courses of studies and further development opportunities we had answers to the questions of school classes from the region and curious job seekers of all ages. 

Next up was the GVD Open House Day of Action on March 17 – right here in Bubsheim. For all companies participating in this open house, which is held annually on the same day, the focus is on traditional metal-cutting jobs and study opportunities, such as metal cutting technician, industrial mechanic or the special Study Plus in mechanical engineering. In recent years, Häring has opened the doors of its academy to potential future employees. This year, 20 team members, including apprentices, students, experts and instructors, once again answered the questions of approximately 75 interested visitors. In addition to a one-hour consultation for apprentices and various booths with informational materials (e.g. on the Häring junior company, a career portal introduction and many training postcards that visitors could take home) there were also many opportunities to turn words into action. Creating a personal pen-holder, initial HoloLens exercises, experiencing robot technology with our team's self-programmed chocolate robot or using small robots for a digital car race with the Anki Drive – lots of exciting highlights awaited the guests and it also provided us with many opportunities to allow them to experience the professional world of Anton Häring KG right here in our own facilities. Obviously, the day would not have been complete without a delicious meal at our company restaurant ANTONIS.  

The "Schwäbische Zeitung" newspaper also covered the successful GVD Open House Day of Action, which included the event at Anton Häring KG.
Read the article on the 2018 GVD Open House Day of Action here.

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