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Christmas fundraising campaign

A social project at any Haering location worldwide can look forward to a great donation. How is the campaign financed? By doing without Christmas cards.

Especially at Christmas time one wants to act as personally as possible with one's fellow men and thus show that wishes come from the heart. But hasn't this turbulent year shown us that digital contact is also meant honestly? And that in an age of progressive digitalisation, we can also turn a "how-we-always-do-It" into a "this-also-works-well-paperless"?

We therefore believe that we do not have to send our Christmas wishes around the world in Christmas cards. For the sake of the environment, we will do without them again this year - and support a social project with the savings at every Haering location worldwide.

At Christmas time, young and old are especially happy about a gift and a sign that "the Christ Child" has not forgotten them. With our commitment we can make a small contribution this year and at the same time do good to our environment.

With this in mind, we wish everyone - 100% paperless and 100% from the heart - a Merry Christmas and a healthy start to the New Year.


Bubsheim, Germany:

The primary school in Bubsheim is happy about four air filter systems for the classrooms.
The air filter plants provide a better room climate and thus a better learning environment for the youngsters. Especially in times of Corona, we have all learned how important fresh air is. Our donation covers the rental costs for the air filter systems from December to April.


Piotrków Trybunalski, Poland:

Family Mariusz needs financial support for their 8-year-old son.
Maciuś was born with a severe disability and needs permanent intensive treatment for rehabilitation. Various doctors provide continuous care, including a paediatrician, neurologist, neurosurgeon, ophthalmologist, endocrinologist and physiotherapist. However, the costs of treatment and necessary additional equipment exceed the possibilities of a small family. With our donation Maciuś can look forward to a long needed bathtub seat for Christmas.


Taicang, China:

The school in Taicang is looking forward to a new cultural exchange program.
International experience is very important on the job market. Especially the young professionals in China will experience completely new opportunities - but the possibilities for a stay abroad are limited. We support the Experimental Primary School of Taicang with a cultural exchange program and thus create new opportunities to get to know German culture.


Lavonia, USA:

Christmas presents for children of victims of domestic violence.
The organization "Northeast Georgia Council for Domestic Violence" cares for victims of domestic violence. There they are safe from their perpetrators and can calmly develop plans for a non-violent life. Due to COVID-19, the organization does not have enough money this year for the children's Christmas presents. With our donation we contribute to giving the children's eyes a reason to shine on Christmas.

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