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Christmas greetings: From the heart. Without any paper.

A win-win situation for people and the environment: for the 5th year in a row, we are doing away with traditional Christmas cards and sending our greetings digitally.

The festive season should not only be contemplative for us, but also for our planet and our fellow human beings. For this reason, we have decided this year - for the fifth time in a row - to forego the production and dispatch of traditional Christmas cards and thus create real added value for people and nature.

"Donations instead of printing"

Printing Christmas cards requires not only financial but also ecological resources. We do without them completely - and instead use the money saved to fulfill a Christmas wish at every Häring location worldwide.


We wish you a Merry Christmas and a healthy start to the New Year - digitally.

Perhaps you are now thinking about taking part in the "Donate instead of print" campaign yourself? Then our donation projects this year will certainly give you some inspiration:



  • Donation: Financial support for the excursion of the advanced geography course
  • Recipient: Gymnasium Gosheim-Wehingen
  • The story behind it:
    Mrs. Aike Pulvermüller, teacher for sports and geography, turned to us for help. Her request: For a long time now, the grammar school has been able to offer a geography subject for pupils in the course level. A relevant subject in times of numerous geographical topics and challenges (e.g. sustainability, climate change, increasing urbanization, ...). The advanced geography course at Gymnasium Gosheim-Wehingen is taken by 5 students in year 11. This is a real luxury in terms of learning conditions, but an enormous additional financial burden for the financial planning of an excursion, as group discounts, among other things, do not apply. This school year, an excursion to Hamburg and Bremerhaven is planned, including a guided tour of the city on the subject of sustainable urban planning in a changing climate, a mudflat hike, a guided tour of the Wadden Sea National Park House and a visit to the Klimahaus Bremerhaven.

    We are supporting the class with a financial donation and 5 excursion packages so that all students can participate.



  • Donation: Financial support for rehabilitation therapy
  • Recipient: Marek, employee at Haering Polska Sp. z o.o.
  • The story behind it:
    Marek suffered a heart attack at the beginning of the year. During the operation to open his arteries, he also suffered an ischemic stroke. As a result: Marek is still fighting bravely for his recovery today. The ray of hope: at rehabilitation therapy in a private clinic, he is making great progress from day to day. But the therapy ended on October 15 and the health insurance company will not approve further rehabilitation therapy for another two to three years. The family is now collecting every available Zloty to allow one or two more months of therapy for their husband and father.

    We are supporting the family with our donation so that Marek can continue to work on his recovery.


  • Donation: Support for the Inclusion Factory
  • Recipient: Inclusion Factory Taicang
  • The story behind it:
    Inclusion Factory is a social enterprise that specializes in providing meaningful employment opportunities for people with disabilities. In this context, the Inclusion Factory in Taicang has launched a special initiative.

    Our support extends over a period of six months from January to June, during which we facilitate birthday celebrations for the disabled people at the Inclusion Factory in a special way. These monthly events are designed not only to bring joy and festivity, but also to emphasize equity and inclusion.



  • Donation: Financial support for the construction of social housing
  • Recipient: Hart County Habitat for Humanity
  • The story behind it:
    Habitat for Humanity is a global nonprofit housing organization dedicated to providing affordable housing for families in need. The concept: Habitat for Humanity addresses local housing problems by working with community volunteers and affected families to renovate or build new homes. The focus is always on strengthening neighborhood spirit and family cohesion.

    The organization needs donations and sponsorships to finance building materials. We are happy to help with this.


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