vier männliche Mitarbeiter von Häring machen ein Gruppenfoto und lächelnd in die Kamera

15 years of Häring Taicang

7 team members are at our Chinese location and have now been recognized for their 15-year commitment to Häring.

Long-term affiliation with a company is always a particularly positive feedback. At our Chinese site in Taicang, we were now able to honor 7 employees who have been part of the Häring team for 15 years - in other words, since the site was opened in Taicang. And what's more: these employees even started their careers at Häring.

As part of the Häring Trainee Program, Dawei Tang, Jianjun Mao, Yanbin Sun, Huan Zhang, Hongsuo Zhang, Xiaodong Qian and Weijun Sun came to our main site in Germany in 2006 for 5 years. They learned the corporate culture, the German language and the procedures in all areas and were able to implement all this back home at the newly established site in Taicang. Working in managerial positions, they now form an important pillar in the international cooperation between the two sites in Taicang and Bubsheim.

"It is an honor and fills me with a great deal of pride to have team members at my side today who have built their entire careers with us, who have grown together with the Anton Häring Group. Employees of the first hour - that is no longer a matter of course these days," Managing Director Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Häring is particularly pleased and adds: "These anniversaries show: Our trainee program has the potential to train tomorrow's managers and drive steep careers."

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