Bubsheim 为何逐渐“年轻态“

With an average age of 38.4 years, the community of Bubsheim is one of the youngest in Germany. The reason: Anton Häring KG.

When more babies are being born in a community than people die, there is a positive birth ratio and the average age goes down. However, even though the birth rate in Bubsheim is not all that high, this community of 1,400 is one of Germany's youngest. So what's the reason? Our young Häring team.  

Living, working and building a future with a family – Anton Häring KG supports its team members in all of these things. Attractive working conditions and many benefits, for example providing places to live, ensure that many young talents and established professionals like working for us and choose Bubsheim as their new home.  Even team members whose attention we attracted through one of our international locations spend their initial time in Bubsheim, and learn the language, work processes and the culture of the family business.  Generally, that is just one chapter in their career and, upon its completion, they return to their home base to begin climbing the career ladder there. Others, for example the Grabowski family, get to know and love Bubsheim with all of its facets and opportunities and move here together. By the way: With a rate of 75.6% – the highest in the country – Bubsheim is also a record holder regarding the number of women who make the mandatory social security payments. "We realized that it's just better here," said Mr. Grabowski, who works in our IT department. Now he and his wife work for Anton Häring KG and their child, who still attends grade school, enthusiastically plays soccer for SV Bubsheim. Together, the small family has an average age of 16 years, which makes them a prime example of a family in Germany's youngest community.

Read a comprehensive article in the "Schwäbische Zeitung" from February 21, 2018.